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Denise Swanson:
The Right to Bear Charms
(Forever Charmed, September 2022),
Resurrection (Apocalypse, December 2021),
Body Over Troubled Waters (Welcome Back to Scumble River, July 2021),
Fly Me to the Tomb (Devereaux's Dime Store, April 2021),
Chili Chili Bang Bang (Chef-to-Go, September 2023),
Delicious Romances (November 2018),
Change of Heart Romances (March-October 2015).
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Synopsis: The Right to Bear Charms

Synopsis: Resurrection

Synopsis: Body Over Troubled Waters
Synopsis: Fly Me to the Tomb

Synopsis: Chili Chili Bang Bang
Synopsis: Delicious

Synopsis: Change of Heart
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Cover: The Right to Bear Charms
Cover: Resurrection
Cover: Body Over Troubled Waters
Cover: Fly Me to the Tomb
Cover: Chili Chili Bang Bang
Cover: Delicious
Cover: Change of Heart
Author Photo:
Denise Swanson
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Music: Scumble River Portrait by David Stybr
1. Scumble River Legend, a Ballad for Small Orchestra (1 minute). How many book series have their own signature music? It's quirky, but so is Scumble River, Illinois.
2. Lazy River Waltz, for Woodwind Quartet and Piano (1¼ minutes). The Sun dawns on another slightly out-of-kilter day in Scumble River, Illinois.
3. Rolling River Rag, for Piano (4 minutes). Rags were inspired by the Ohio, Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, and now Scumble River too.
4. Prélude to a Muse (and to Amuse), a Passacaglia for Rock Band, Percussion Ensemble and Harp (3½ minutes), performed by Vince Denison's band Pink Elephant (and friends). (for Murder of a Pink Elephant)
5. "Bad Boys and Blondes" Bossa Nova, for Brass Quintet and Percussion (1¼ minutes). It can only mean trouble in Scumble River, Illinois. (for Murder of a Real Bad Boy and Murder of a Botoxed Blonde)
6. Dance of the Three Witches, for Organ (1 minute). Which witch is which? (for Murder of a Royal Pain)
7. Wedding Belles, for Trumpet, Organ and Bells (1 minute). (for Murder of a Wedding Belle)
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