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Chili Chili Bang Bang
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Chili Chili Bang Bang

September 2023!
Denise Swanson: Chili Chili Bang Bang

The fourth in Denise's
Chef-to-Go mystery series.

September 2023

Who says murder can't be delicious?

Dani Sloan will have to solve the Chili Challenge murder before she or one of her fellow competitors’ chances of surviving the contest aren’t worth a hill of beans. Once again, it looks like Dani’s best-laid plans have been blown up...

Things in Normalton, Illinois are getting hot, hot, hot. When the small Midwest college town is chosen to host the Route 66 Rally’s Chili Challenge, not everyone’s excited by the prospect. Campus activists are upset about the environmental impact, the economic inequity, and the consumption of meat.

And when the contestants’ ingredients and equipment are peppered with sabotage, it becomes clear that there’s someone who’s willing to take a life to get their point across, and Dani must not only cook a killer batch of chili, she also has to follow a trail of clues to save the contest, her fellow competitors...

And herself.

ISBN 979-8-9890827-0-4

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Promotional Video: Chili Chili Bang Bang — September 2023!

Music: Lazy River Waltz for Woodwind Quartet and Piano by
David Stybr (1¼ minutes, © 2002)

The Sun dawns on another slightly out-of-kilter day in Scumble River, Illinois.

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