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Come Homicide or High Water
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December 2019!
Denise Swanson: Come Homicide or High Water

There's something fishy just below the surface of Scumble River...

Come Homicide or High Water

In the third "Welcome Back to Scumble River"
Mystery featuring Skye Denison Boyd
something is fishy in Scumble River!

December 31, 2019

School psychologist Skye Denison-Boyd is getting ready to return to work from her maternity leave and hoping for a peaceful year in her job as a school psychologist. But when an elderly woman disappears on her first day back and a disgruntled parent threatens to sue the school, Skye realizes that her return will be anything but quiet.

When the parent suing Skye's school is found dead and with the missing woman's case is still unsolved, Skye suspects the crimes are somehow linked. With her chief of police husband, Wally, at her side, Skye dives into the investigations. But as tensions rise and Skye and Wally's suspect list lengthens, they start to wonder whether a member of their own tight-knit community could be behind it all...

Sourcebooks $7.99
ISBN 978-1-4926-8597-5

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September 2019!
Denise Swanson: A Call to Charms

Chocolate, men, and magic. Who can turn down that inheritance?

A Call to Charms

The first exciting Forever Charmed Mystery featuring Alexandria Ravenscraft!

September 3, 2019

If life had gone as she planned, Lexie Green would have been teaching English at a prestigious university, not persuading spoiled, rich women to buy overpriced clothes they didnít need and often looked ridiculous wearing. Can you say electric yellow see-through skirts and Torn jeans with unfinished hems?

Still, although this isnít the life Lexie would have chosen, all is going well. At least until Lexie is fired and her deranged ex-boyfriend tries to kidnap her.

Deciding that itís better to accept a mysterious inheritance from a great aunt sheís never heard of rather than end up kept in a cage as her exís pet poodle, Lexie packs up and heads to Kansas. So, what if she has to go by a new name and live in a town that she canít find on a map?

Unfortunately, once she arrives in her new hometown, everyone there seems just a tad off-kilter and Lexieís cousin insists that the citizens are magical. At least there are a couple of hot guys hanging around for eye candy.

Even though Lexie doesnít believe the nonsense about her being the Ravenscraft Shield, she does believe her father was murderedóa father she never knew existed, and she investigates his death.

Too bad whoever killed her father now wants Lexie dead as well.

E-book $4.99
ISBN 978-0-9861017-6-2

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Music: Lazy River Waltz for Woodwind Quartet and Piano by
David Stybr (1ľ minutes, © 2002)

The Sun dawns on another slightly out-of-kilter day in Scumble River, Illinois.

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