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As a school psychologist, Denise Swanson has lived the life she writes about. In addition to being a New York Times best-selling author, Denise is a nationally-known presenter and keynote speaker. She has been invited all over the country to present her workshops and speak to audiences ranging from school psychologists to teachers, to romance and mystery authors including:
Professional Associations:
American Library Association Annual Conference; National, Illinois, New York and Texas Associations of School Psychologists Annual Conventions; University of Virginia etc.
Writers' Conferences:
Greater Manhattan Mystery Conference; Harriette Austin Writers' Conference; Left Coast Crime; Murder in the Grove; Romantic Times Convention etc.

Descriptions of Programs

    1. The Rocky Road to Publication
    2. Getting Published is Murder
    3. The Accidental Researcher
    Included is a general discussion of how to get published,
    with humorous anecdotes based on personal experience.

    1. Writing Your First Mystery
    2. Developing Characters
    3. Revisions Are Us How to polish a manuscript
    4. Breaking and Entering The Quest For Publication
    5. Before, During and After the Call Self-Promotion

    Programs can be combined and customized for the audience.

    1. Fees:
      1. Within 60 miles of Wilmington, Ilinois: $150
      2. From 61 to 180 miles of Wilmington, Ilinois: $300
      3. Over 180 miles: $500, plus travel expenses: mileage, air fare, hotel etc. as applicable.
      4. (Fee may be discounted under special circumstances.)
    2. Letter of agreement.
    3. Publicity for the event.
    4. Author's books for sale with book signing before and after the talk.

  4. For more information, contact Denise at
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